Friday, 20 November 2009

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 81 - Is it wrong to sleep with your stepdad after you mum dies?

This weeks title is a Google suggestion if you type in is it wrong.

actually it's a great game, type in some stuff into google and then look at the suggestions!!

it's a bit windy this week but hey the Hosk can't fight the elements. I also have some help from the mighty Shane Lee, he can only stand up 1 hour a day but he certainly makes the most of that hour!!

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Hosk Stand up
What do bankers get bonuses for?
sun headlines - Jedward!
Jack Dee the one trick pony
Why are the banks shut on Wednesday's!
why are the roads 20mph in Preston?

random Hosk stuff
We have a number of clips from the mighty Shane Lee, hear him Roar
except when he talks about the subject of peodo's

News Nugget
Britain's the ugliest in Europe
New Warning on Perfect Vagina's
What is google suggesting to you today?

Hosk song - Geoff's Mum

Music (not mine)

If you have any funny stories, funny news clips or anything remotely amusing on the web also if anyone wants to email me
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