Friday, 30 October 2009

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 79 - Ducks Smoking vs Dogs Playing Snooker

I become a little bit obsessed with Beef Curtains this week, which isn't too bad

you can download the mp3 by right clicking here

Stand up
Hosk critique of Simon and Garfunkel song
who invented the term beef curtains
various beef curtain songs
Morale Dilemma -

Hosk Story
Full signature on card

news nuggets
giants breasts shock china
BBC change humpty dumpty words
man 112 marries teenager

Hosk quickies
Public service announcement - pulling finger
question - how long until sleepy time

Internet stuff
commentry of the film outlaw
Gervais, Pilkington and the other one - man with a chainsaw
horror trailer - the creeping hand

Hosk Song - Smoking Ducks featuring music from Atlus
Simon and Garfunkel - percular man

Music (not mine)

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