Friday, 23 October 2009

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 78 - When Biscuits Attack

It's better late than never and here we have a very unusual mix of Hosky non, if you want the mp3 right click this

If you only down this on the weekend then there was an episode on Wednesday, which was pretty funny, so I would recommend you to check it out - Hosks Half Hour - Episode 77 - The Ducks Must Be Cold!

Hosk Stand up
sun story - mum finds special film on son's mobile
Weekly X factor rant - they said she was Whitney H
The Soap Mythbuster - one loves whilst the other hates

random Hosk stuff
bomb disposal van command respect
Northern man goes to the pond

News Nugget
outrage as sweet porn hits the market
eating biscuits is a dangerous business

cannibal girl

X Factor reply
Hosk drives off with book

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