Friday, 9 October 2009

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 76 - ET2 - ET Strikes Back

Hey my brothers from a different Mothers

I had no episode at 11pm and then the Hosk burst into action and with a little help from his intergalactic friends he has got an episode together, it's because I'm a worker by day and a wild man by night. It also has some stand up type comedy about ET which I remember sending into BBC3 open mic competition. I can't believe they weren't interested in my intergalactic peado comedy.

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Hosk Stand up
ET - He is a funny little fella isn't he?
Film idea - ET2 - ET Strikes back
imagine if you laid an egg!

random Hosk stuff
People have been searching
reviewing Robbie Williams new lyrics

News Nugget
Perfume for dogs
man flashes arse to trick cops
record finger nails broken!
man had tag fitted to false leg

Internet clips
Horror film - the mutations
nice pussy
black angus
Mortal Kombat trailer
Mortal Kombat funny quotes

Leeroy Jenkins min mix
Captain Kirk is climbing a mounting, why is he climbing a mountain


Artist - Chris Herbert

If you have any funny stories, funny news clips or anything remotely amusing on the web also if anyone wants to email me

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