Friday, 18 September 2009

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 75 - How to Play the Dating Game

Good afternoon Hoskamons

We have a bit of dating episode this week. Loyal listener Mr C sent pointed the Hosk towards a clip of some terrible dating videos and then I looked and found some of the worst dating video's out there. My favourite is this dude who says we could have a kid because kids can be good, they could bring us beer and food. I like the person who uses the term "man mouth". I also wrote recorded a story for my nephew and niece about the time I found an egg the size of a football, it's a true story because there are pictures and a newspaper cutting! Click here if you want to listen to that.

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Hosk Stand up
Internet Dating
morale Dilemma
wouldn't be good if you could train your pets to steal things
pint of spunk

random Hosk stuff
a random Hosk song about Hosks Half Hour
The office is completely empty!

News Nugget
Wind up vibrator - earth angel. The sexy way to save the world
85 pound fine for laughing whilst driving

There is a league of Gentlemen clip as well, back in the day when the League of Gentleman were bloody funny

dating clips
I'm very cultural
height is in the eye of the beholder
I live at home but I'm still cool
come into the room, you are the womb
we can give the egg and sperm to your sister.
It's about time to do the circle dance
and others but I am too tired to type them out

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