Friday, 11 September 2009

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 74 - X Factor versus Hosk Factor

It's time for a bit more X Factor fun, X Factor is show that makes the Hosk angry, angry like the Hulk.

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Hosk Thoughts
Judge watch - Louis Walsh is the most evil judge
Judges watch - Cheryl Cole
Judge watch - Danni (not Kylie) Minogue
X Factor Stand up
have you got the X Factor
X Factor is all about chosing popular songs

news nugget
you can't insult The Cowell even if they go to space

aggers is laughing - oh do stop stop it aggers
Ricky Gervais confronts Loius Walsh about insulting him

donna - wants to be like Madonna
Ariel - I'm not a number, I'm a human being
Eye of the Tiger

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