Monday, 7 September 2009

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 73 - Women are all different downstairs

I thought I better get back to basics and produce a standard Hosks Half Hour without any themes or reasons, just plain and simple Hosk nonsense. There are some fantastic quotes in this episode. Right click on this mp3 link or press play on the player below. Don't forget to spread the word of Hoskism to the world

Hosk Talk
a voracious reader
nhs = nazis - only in America
Women are all different downstairs
sun story - the dopey tattoo

New nuggest
A clothed man creates a riot at orgy
scientists study something

Hosk Stories
How to remember the U Shaped bloke
Hosk tries to drive away with half a hedge
Someone wasn't keen on Hosks Half Hour

Youtube stuff
trying to interview squeky man
laughing at there being only chickens

An Ashes Advert - we won the ashes by the way Aussie's

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