Friday, 4 September 2009

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 72 - Laughing at the Worst X Factor Auditions

I have been watching the X factor, you better watch it now whilst the rubbish are on, this is what is known as the good bit. Soon it will turn into a marketing machine for the Xmas number one single. The Episode is a mix of terrible auditions, terrible attitude, terrible singers and Hosks thoughts on the whole X Factor Circus.

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Hosk is angry about the X Factor
X factor is back, woohoo
Hosk Song he would sing if he went on the X Factor
do X Factor contestants jump for joy when a family member dies or gets an fatal illness
X Factor Judge Cowell is broken down
The Best Cowell insults on the X Factor
how do they make the contestants on X Factor cry so much?

The Worst X factor songs I could find
Eye of the tiger
Tragedy by a chicken factory worker
The new Eminim
The Earth Song
she is the whole package but is quite lazy!

news nugget
Royal family accuse Simon Cowell of being a sponger

do people being shouted at by Cowell ever think about his high trousers
do the judges ever shout "What Year is this"
Don't be alarmed if Walsh doesn't like you if you are not
why doesnt Cowell sack that Walsh fella

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