Thursday, 25 September 2008

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 50 - Do you get jealous of dogs sniffing arses?

Apologies for missing a week, bad Hosky. I'm not sure about next week either because the internet is being turned off whilst I wait for Sky to connect me up for half the price. Well we have arrived at the 50th episode which is actually episode 53 or 54 I think because there was a naming scandal in the early episodes. Hosks Half Hour is also a year old this week!!!

I plan to go back through the first few episodes and make a best of, which I will hopefully create in the next few weeks, having listened to the first 5 episodes, they weren't as bad as I remembered but I certainly didn't rant to my full potential back then.

This week is full of Hosk stories and Hosk stand up which is always weird and wonderful.

there is quite a lot of swearing in the swearathon this week which I think usually means it's a good episode because I will have been ranting alot. I also came to the conclusion that I swear as a sort of punctuation.

I also found some stuff before I become Single Hosk and it made me appreciate I don't have to have any tiring arguments about robot films and not wanting to see musicals at the cinema. woo woo.

I think I should also remind you there is a Hosks Half Hour group on digg, so go join it

in this episode we have

Hosk Stand up
the naming of houses
A man's best friend

Hosk Stories
Girl doesn't like Robot films
when they say chilli curry they weren't joking
The Hosk is having a hungry day
The Hosk is stuck in BT's idiot dimension

News Nuggets
tv's 50 hardest men
local news - odd marriage proposal
women swallows ring

Random Hosky stuff
The Swearathon
Spam emails
watery lane

Hosk Songs
The Message - with terrible Hosk singing

If you have any funny stories, funny news clips or anything remotely amusing on the web also if anyone wants to email me

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