Friday, 27 June 2008

Hosks Half Hour - Episode 41 - Queen apologizes for swan attack

Women aren't cock hungry wenches, I thought I would tell you that just in case you didn't know, I didn't know this until someone told me last week, shocking stuff I'm always the last to know

this week as usual I'm talking about shits, sexy pictures and the queen getting swans to attack 6 year old girls.

I laughed a lot this this week about myself mentioning bloody shits and me telling the story of someone taking a picture of a huge poo at work. With the comment of "you had to make you own entertainment in those days"

some nice quotes this week

when I go out binge drinking on the weekend
they should have special booze for kids
don't dribble on people who aren't your friends
the meaning of life is you are the peanut on the shit
who the fuck uses corn hole?
and I got stung on the fanny by a tarantula
one minute wet is good, wet ladies, the next minute wet is bad, wet fart?
your Dad is sharking in on your girlfriend

The contents of this weeks episode

Hosk Standup
religious backlash from Doctor Who watchers
stuff on the Internet isn't totally true shocker

Hosk Fact
it's illegal to do the Nazi salute and goose step in Germany!

Hosk Story
dog dribbles on Hosk's trousers
do you want some sexy pictures?
taking picture of poo in toilet seems normal?
I typed Hosk into the Internet and it exploded.
I had a dream last night
a gaggle of kids hanging over bridges?
why are wets dreams good but wet farts bad?

New Nuggets
Queen apologies for swan attack
the problem with binge drinking
man reveals how snake bit his penis

Sun Stories
Parents don't have bum chin
texts - how do I find 2 women who are into threesomes

in the beginning
lodzy lodzy lodzy

finishing off with the muck ups

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