Monday, 8 October 2007

Hosks Half Hour - episode 2 part 2

Right welcome to a new episode

Oh no I forgot, I have been on the accents again, this week accent is a brummie. Oh good god, it’s terrible, I’m talking to myself as well, it’s a real beauty.

This episode contains the infamous developers developers developers audio clip to ambient music, it has that a lot. It includes entertainment news, some observational stuff on Blue tongue disease, the comedy awards and an update on the soaps. We have the new technical diary of a computer programmer. A classic song spoken, which is spice girls wannabe, interrupted by me. We have some comments from a tree, which is pretty funny and finally lots of twisted vocals and ambient music. So whack your ear phones on and prepare yourself to voyage to the centre of Hosk world.

Up the tree, very mellow.

There are a few questions which I have about the episode, like why did I put the echo on the entertain news and who would have thought reading some entertain news would be so frickin difficult. Also the music behind the entertainment news is rubbish.

I also left some bobbins wailing on the spoken lyrics but I can’t be bothered to change it.

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