Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Hosk Half Hour - episode 2 part 1

Episode 2 part 1 is released and I think it's at least 5.7 times better than last weeks. Firstly it doesn't have any terrible Wayne Rooney impressions and the sound is the same all the way through.

The episode is beginning to take some sort of familar shape with Quotes of the week, starting waffle, reviews, topical amusement and more of everyone's favourite the weird and wonderful Hosk musical interludes.

The news section is extended a bit and in the news bits I talk about Jet from Gladiators and how she has wasted her life, footballer. There is the office Jargon buster and of course the DAD JOKE, which is a pretty good one.

Enjoy and the second part should be up in 2 or 3 days

I thought I would add in a link to this star wars scene because it made me laugh on friday


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Richard said...

I must admit i didn't hold out much hope for this weeks episode after the debacle that was last week, but after listening to it i can see much improvement has been made...even though the content is still questionable the sound quality is definately better than last week. Keep it real Hosk ;-)

Ben said...

Man. I can't take any more.

I'm getting a petition together to Bring Back The Blog.

Gordon Brown will be hearing about this.