Thursday, 18 October 2007

Hosks Half Hour - episode 3

Hello and welcome to the third episode of Hosks Half Hour the funniest podcast by someone named Hosk on the internet.

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Here is the description of this weeks podcast

This weeks podcast is a more traditional affair without much word mangling but we have

Some information on Rambo’s new film and an analysis on the conversation that Steve from the office had with Rambo when he tried to get him to join his rebellion against the evil Burmese ruler.

We have some in depth analysis of some readers letters from the sun. Plus some observational type humour on Bobby Davro appearing in Eastenders.

We have an audio clip from ghost hunting from TV where the host gets a rather strange message from the other side about a women who has a great love of dick?

A few tips on how to get ahead in the office

We also look at some of the funny stories from Ananova


A Swedish television presenter has become a hit on YouTube after she vomited live on air but continued with the show.

Jesus it isn't even just a little bit of sick but a huge arc of vomit, almost film like. It reminds me of the Witches of Eastwick when they are eating the cherries.

what is also pretty amusing is that she practically bounces back onto the screen, very happy and chirpy. very professional

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Monday, 8 October 2007

Hosks Half Hour - episode 2 part 2

Right welcome to a new episode

Oh no I forgot, I have been on the accents again, this week accent is a brummie. Oh good god, it’s terrible, I’m talking to myself as well, it’s a real beauty.

This episode contains the infamous developers developers developers audio clip to ambient music, it has that a lot. It includes entertainment news, some observational stuff on Blue tongue disease, the comedy awards and an update on the soaps. We have the new technical diary of a computer programmer. A classic song spoken, which is spice girls wannabe, interrupted by me. We have some comments from a tree, which is pretty funny and finally lots of twisted vocals and ambient music. So whack your ear phones on and prepare yourself to voyage to the centre of Hosk world.

Up the tree, very mellow.

There are a few questions which I have about the episode, like why did I put the echo on the entertain news and who would have thought reading some entertain news would be so frickin difficult. Also the music behind the entertainment news is rubbish.

I also left some bobbins wailing on the spoken lyrics but I can’t be bothered to change it.

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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Hosk Half Hour - episode 2 part 1

Episode 2 part 1 is released and I think it's at least 5.7 times better than last weeks. Firstly it doesn't have any terrible Wayne Rooney impressions and the sound is the same all the way through.

The episode is beginning to take some sort of familar shape with Quotes of the week, starting waffle, reviews, topical amusement and more of everyone's favourite the weird and wonderful Hosk musical interludes.

The news section is extended a bit and in the news bits I talk about Jet from Gladiators and how she has wasted her life, footballer. There is the office Jargon buster and of course the DAD JOKE, which is a pretty good one.

Enjoy and the second part should be up in 2 or 3 days

I thought I would add in a link to this star wars scene because it made me laugh on friday


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