Monday, 24 September 2007

Hosks Half Hour - episode 1 part 2

Here is the second part of episode 1, enjoy.

This episode has some observation comedy, amusing quotes, some news headlines, some ambient music with dark mumblings, stupid idea of the week and the lyrics of ABC’s – the look of love read out in a poem style

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Richard said...

That is the most disturbing 40 minutes i've spent in a long while. At times i wasn't sure whether there was a subliminal message hidden within the echoes and ambient music. I feel kinda brainwashed now. Cheers Hosk.

Hoskinator said...

next time I see you and I mention the activation word you will start to feel the floor is on fire and then when Kylie Minogue comes on the radio you will have to get up and dance

Emyr Tabrizi said...

Good work hosky.

Ben said...

I feel like i've been abducted by aliens and been brain-raped.
Very disturbing Hosky but strangely addictive. I may attempt to listen to the next episode while watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind.